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Church isn’t supposed to hurt.

But the world is full of people who needed relief from their life of pain, but were instead misled by churches and "religious" people who claimed to be honest; excluded by those who claimed to be welcoming and inclusive; and judged and condemned by people who claimed to be forgiving.  Instead of finding the expected comfort and support, many have found clear betrayal of stated religious ideals, and a betrayal of expectations and trust, that can be devastating; adding to the pain and confusion, rather than easing it.

It is a fact that many communities of faith, including their leadership and practicioners, may not know how to heal their own broken relationships, no matter how well intentioned, they may be.  There are many possible reasons: some may have unrealistic expectations, or may be trapped by their personal beliefs.  Many are, in fact, specifically constrained by institutional policies and procedures.  A few may be willfully ignorant, but usually, if they were willing and able to heal their brokenness or end the suffering in their communities, they would.

While no one can force a change of mind or healing on any person or institution who is unwilling, you, yourself, can change your mind and Be Well.  You need not remain imprisoned or broken by your thoughts, or at the mercy of what others think.  No sacrifice is required.  There is no sacrifice in giving up what you don’t want, and no virtue in giving up the things you truly do.

Church Your Way is a support community for people who are suffering in church or otherwise struggling with their faith.  Your “Way” isn’t only a path, it’s a state of Being— it’s the way you are.  You must find your way—both your path and your state of Being—because unless you do, it can’t work for you.  The Church Your Way community offers resources and strategies that can help you find your way to the Wholeness and Well-Being that all religions promise and aspire to, but seldom reach.

Let us help you get started on finding your own way! 

You Are Well

We easily recognize the frustration, anger, and utter exasperation that pushes us to look for answers—but often overlook the part of every one of us that knows, somehow, there just has to be a less painful and confusing way to live and love!  That part of you, the well and healthy part, is right. There is a better way: your way; your natural state of Well Being.  Isn’t that Good News!

Without harsh judgments or attacks, our groups’ shared resources, experiences—and love—help reinforce your own awareness of the goodness and wellness of your Being.  From that healthy “inside out” perspective, it’s easy to see how the painful habits of focusing on everything that’s “wrong” or the endless repetitive rehashing of problems can block the awareness of your true nature and obscure the path to resolution.

The Your Way approach can be useful for anyone, because it requires no particular set of religious beliefs, or, in fact, any at all.  All that is required is an honest curiosity and willingness to direct and follow your own journey of growing awareness.  You are in charge.  You will find your own path and state of Being, doing it your way in every sense, led by the growing awareness of what is good, right and true about you—and all of us.