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For You

Curiosity Your Way
. Honestly looking? Great! What are you looking for? The truth? Salvation? Peace? All of them? Terrific! We are too!

Weddings Your Way. Your wedding is just that: YOURS. Church Your Way will help you get the service you want, religious or secular, formal or informal, traditional  or non-traditional.

Ordination Your Way. Formalize your ministry and put it to work: legally perform weddings, baptisms, funerals and all of the other functions of the ministry Your Way. 

Skills Your Way. Here are some really great skills that are easy to learn and work well together. They will relieve your fear and stress and allow you more control, understanding, and peace.

Beliefs Your Way. There is a difference between the truth and our understanding of it. What we think we understand is where we begin, not where we end. Look at some different belief systems and see which ones, separately or together, could help you on Your Way.

Religion Your Way. The word "religion" means "to re-tie" or "bind." Bind with what? Bind  with whom? Look at some different religious models and see which ones, separately or together, could help you on Your Way.

Connect Your Way. There is a world of people who have the same practical and/or philosophical head scratchers as you do. Ask away! The Church Your Way community is in for a penny and a pound. We will accept you as you are, where you are. Maybe we won't have the right answers, but you can bounce off us on Your Way to the truth!

Stuff Your Way. Goods and services that will make your journey easier and more fun.