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Church just doesn't work for a whole bunch of people.

The world is full of people who have never been to church, are turned off by church, are recovering from poor treatment in church, don't believe in God and/or think organized religion is at best bogus or at worst, evil. That's okay. We get it—and understand that those complaints are not only legitimate, but in many cases, completely justified. The "church" and the "faithful" are not always good at practicing what they preach—I know I'm not—but I, like most people, possibly including yourself, do truly care about the quality of life for all people, even for those who may not think or believe in the same way. But the biggest problem with churches and belief systems is that they think they have found the way to "The Truth." Unfortunately, one size does not fit all when it comes to our unique spiritual journeys.

So, regardless of doctrine or tradition, isn't a good church really a community that honors the truth by seeking it—and putting it to work in a loving life?

Although the responsibility to live a good and happy life is yours and yours alone, pursuing it need not, some say cannot, be done alone. Either way it’s a lot more effective, meaningful and fun—loving, you might say—to do it with the help and support of other people who care and are curious and searching like you, even if they do not share your experiences or understanding.

There is a marvelous way of getting around our apparent differences: using our various beliefs as the starting point of an honest search for truth instead of as a contest of intellect or wisdom. Respectful questions, challenges and disagreements can deepen our understanding. There need not be a right or wrong, a winner or loser. Even beliefs that may seem to be "out in left field" can be useful—because sometimes we recognize the truth by seeing what it is not. Everyone can gain from a new perspective and a better understanding—and from a deeper sense of unity at having shared our journeys.

What truth are you looking for? Is there a God or not? Is there a self? Is there a soul? Is there a heaven or hell; an afterlife or nothingness? Not sure what you believe? You may—and should—decide for yourself, but as a point of departure, consider these noble questions: Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going? What am I suppose to do along the way?

Many different belief systems and religions do a pretty good job of answering these questions, but any one of them alone can also be easily isolated, misunderstood and misinterpreted. So rather than offering one particular worldview, why not encourage each other by comparing ideas and strategies? Why not check, balance and verify our understanding against some others'?

Church Your Way with its growing community shares ideas, language and symbols that healers, saints and sages from great traditions have graciously given us to guide us on our journey of spiritual discovery. We also share some practical skills that strengthen relationships, weaken ego, and help to liberate the love, light and joy that is already in our lives. Here you'll find one oasis after another of communities, people, goods and services to heal and comfort you along your journey.

Do we really need all this spiritual stuff? Yes, because all of us are unwittingly taught to create and live with the illusions, delusions and deceptions that cause and perpetuate unnecessary suffering for ourselves and those we love—the apparent separations of Ego. We do not have to automatically choose a life of suffering scripted by someone or something else. We can consciously learn to choose truth over lies, peace over conflict, love over fear. If love is real—and it is—then we owe it to Love and ourselves to try and find our own more excellent way of living. Church Your Way is a place where you can learn to appreciate what you think and need, and then how to begin undoing the lies, brokenness and suffering of our world—your way.

So . . . hover, click and surf. You can grow spiritually inside a loving community in your own time, without pressure, pretense, politics or endless requests for money.

Finally, you can church your way.

Jay Williams

Founder, Church Your Way

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