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Your wedding is just that: YOURS. Church Your Way does not make institutional judgments about any particular theology, so it does not make institutional judgments about how weddings must be performed. Reverend Jay Williams and all Church Your Way ministers will give you the kind of service you want, religious or secular, formal or informal, traditional or non-traditional, as federal, state and local laws--and personal conscience--will allow.

Reverend Jay Williams

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Davenport, IA
Serving the Quad Cities & Surrounding Counties

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself!

I am an ordained non-denominational minister active in several local ministries. My wife and partner of over 40 years, Sharon, and I have lived and studied our way to a place that recognizes all life as connected and holy. Our ministry honors that connectedness by offering love, forgiveness, kindness and good works, choosing peace, and learning to live thoughts and deeds that help move the world toward health and joy.

As such, my choice to be ordained non-denominational and focus on a weddings ministry is natural, because joyful marriages demand tolerance and respect for apparent differences, forgiveness, kindness and a desire for peace--the hallmarks of all Faith, regardless of tradition. I want to help you begin your life together with a recognition that a "faithful" marriage is much more than exclusive intimacy, and in some small way, help you start consciously on the road together toward harmony--not only in your marriage, but in your whole life.

We have great respect for the many people today who may want services that are spiritual, but perhaps not necessarily religious or traditional, so we'll work with you in person and/or on line to make your service exactly what you want--easily and inexpensively.

We would truly enjoy getting to know you and wish you the very best of everything. Please let us know how we can help, and we promise you our very best efforts to make those good things happen!


We want to give you exactly the kind of ceremony you want, with complete consideration for your beliefs, preferences and sensibilities. Our only agenda is to help you have a smooth, professional ceremony with a joyful celebration and confident beginning. At the same time, if you feel that meeting and sharing thoughts, experiences or understanding will be helpful to you, we’ll be happy to do so if invited. Meeting and getting to know our couples, even just a little, is by far the most motivating and satisfying part of our ministry.

The cost of our services is $125.00 each for the (optional) rehearsal and ceremony. Usually we recommend a rehearsal if there are more than four attendants. A non-refundable deposit of $75.00 will reserve your date(s). While we do not charge for mileage, we would ask for consideration for travel if our trip to the location is more than thirty minutes from our home. Most people recognize that there is a cost in time and money for travel, and our couples have always treated us fairly.

When retained and the deposit is received, you will receive a Google calendar confirmation by email for each of your events dates and times. Your wedding date confirmation will also include a receipt for payment, a statement of your balance due, and details of your wedding for you to check for accuracy. You may call or email us with any changes or corrections. When you get the final corrected calendar confirmation/invitation and give us an electronic handshake by clicking “Yes” on the invitation, we’ll send you a draft of a service that we can work on together until it’s exactly what you want.

As a matter of courtesy and functionality, events should be scheduled firmly and start promptly. Event timing can be critical for attendants, guests, vendors and officiants, especially during the “wedding season” when they may have multiple events scheduled on a given day.

Full payment of the balance is due before the marriage certificate is signed. Traditionally, the check or cash is placed in an envelope and given to the Best Man or one of the attendants to deliver, which relieves everyone of business distractions during what should be a time of celebration.